Dubia – Keep This In Mind..


Breeding Dubia roaches can yield big returns for the do-it-yourselfer. When done right, a homegrown Dubia roach breeding colony gives self-sufficiency, control over your animal’s diet, and immediate access to a renewable supply of nutritious feeders.

To get these benefits, you require a suitable space, some energy and helpful information on up-front costs, as well as the will to make it work. Learning, planning, and creating a suitable set-up takes patience and energy, though with the right advice and some time, you can grow a Dubia roach breeding colony large enough to end the need to buy Dubia roaches on a regular basis.

Our goal with this guide is to show you how to breed Dubia roaches effectively. When done right, breeding tropical roaches is fun and satisfying, but it’s no small task. There is a lot to read and learn. You may have some success with throwing a few Dubia in a bin in addition to some food, water, and also heat, but this method leaves a great deal on the table. There is more you could do in order to boost your results. We want to show you the way to breed Dubia roaches the right way.

For that end, this is a complete guide. It covers every aspect of Dubia roach breeding – from planning and building your setup to maintaining your stock. Our comprehensive approach allows you to choose what amount of engagement you desire together with your project. We show you what works best, and what to anticipate for your efforts. However, you certainly don’t should do everything we suggest. Our responsibility is to show you how you can breed Dubia roaches, according to our extensive experience, and you also can decide from that point how far you want to take it.

Breeding Dubia roaches at peak productivity

Meeting a Dubia breeding colony’s basic needs is important for success, but we think this is just your first step. Average growth and reproduction is achievable for most people, but we wish more for you personally than that. To that particular end, we give you the important information to consider your breeding project beyond “average” growth into “spectacular” growth.

Our goal here is maximum Dubia roach productivity. We’ve done a ton of testing over a long time to find out what Dubia roaches requirement for the fastest possible reproduction and growth, given their natural constraints, as well as how to best provide it for them. While we won’t give away all our secrets, we’re very happy to pass on a number of the lessons we’ve learned about cultivating and maintaining a Dubia breeding colony at peak productivity. Spoiler alert: it calls for connections between Dubia health & productivity, which thcrkz a focus on nutrition & environment.

Our approach is straightforward, but that doesn’t necessarily mean easy. We want to make everything we can to back up the roach’s natural reproductive processes, and this generally means providing them with the surroundings and nutrition they require. Simple…but not always easy.