Understanding the Reasons That Why Audiobooks Are Expensive

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In the earlier years, most of the individuals used to read the printed books on different areas like art, fiction, non-fiction, and biographies etc. They read the printed books physically even now few prefer to read the actual printed books. Some of them love to read but nowadays due to busy schedules most of them are preferring e-books and audiobooks. An individual can listen the complete book through audiobooks services provided to users by an audiobook administration or site. You can listen to the audiobooks whenever you have time while exercising, travelling, or while eating etc. You can find different audiobook administrations like libido, Storia or kindle unlimited offering incredible services to the readers for certain price of subscription. Listening to audiobooks is a plus point but actually many of the audiobooks are highly expensive. The audiobooks are just files of audio, not printed books, yet are costly than the printed books and e-books. In actual manner, they are too costly because of the cost of production. The audiobooks creation takes place for longer hours, even the audiobook that is 9 hours long, it is said to be too expensive that is more than three thousand dollars. It also differs depending on the narrator personality and popularity. Many of the book publishers makes the audiobook with the voices of famous celebrities which is also one of the reasons that audiobooks are costly.

The aspects to consider while identifying the audiobook price

For creating an audiobook requires various celebrities and experts that has to be paid with money on time. Not only them but still there are editors of audiobook, recording experts, and narrators etc. It is important for considering the things while determining the actual thing of audiobooks being expensive. You can look through audible or kindle audiobook administrations to access various books of audio on different topics.

Audio recording engineers and editors that are experts in audio recording produce or create the audiobooks with the great quality. They produce the audios of various books based on the technical needs offered to them for thoroughly checking the audio quality. The provided needs should be such that if they aren’t met then the produced audiobook might be rejected as it may have bad quality audio. They verify whether the quality and standards of audiobook are met or not.

The pricing of an audiobook is depended on its length, even the cost of production is less. The volume of audiobooks sales is amazing. But if hundreds of books are created then another audiobooks sales decrease and it is complicated to maintain the sales at higher position. The quality or voice artist or narrator is necessary in the audiobooks. The narrator is the one who narrates certain book’s entire story to bring out the life in the produced audio. The narrator voice should be so captivating that the listeners are attentive and find the book interesting. As they play important role, the narrators or celebrities that offered their voice to create an audiobook demands high price for their work. This is one of the main reasons that the audiobooks are expensive. Some promotional work needs to be done while releasing the audiobook, at this point, large amounts of money is required. Thus, these are few factors to consider while determining why audiobooks are very costly.