A comparison between Kindle unlimited and audible – Which one is better?

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With the advent of technology, everything is being digitalized. Electronic books are getting immensely popularly as it allows you to read anything, anywhere on your smartphone. Kindle and Audible are the two most popular platforms offering portable books to the customers and making reading more convenient for then. Both of these platforms are owned by Amazon. Audible is a platform that streams audiobooks; these are the books that can be heard instead of reading. These are available in the form of audiotapes and can easily be purchased from audible. On the other side, Kindle also offers you books but in reading format. You can subscribe to it and read your favorite book on the Kindle.

What are the major differences between both platforms?


Both the platforms have a monthly subscription that the user has to purchase to avail all the services. When we talk about cost https://www.reddit.com/r/JustOurThoughts/comments/cwnbpx/kindle_unlimited_vs_audible_for_audiobooks/ is the hottest issue. They have different rates in different regions. In some countries, Kindle is cheaper, whereas, in some countries, audible is less costly. In Kindle, you can read any book no matter how expensive it is in the market, but in audible, the users get some credit points that they can use to purchase the audiobooks, which makes it more expensive. However, audible provides two audiobooks to the users free of cost every month.

Quality and diversity of the content

Kindle has almost every book in the world, and you can easily read them in your bed comfort. It is also effortless to upload or submit any book to the Kindle. If we talk about audible, it allows you to stream the audiobooks and comfortably listen to it on your headphones, but it is necessary the book you want, is available in the audio format.