Why Can Tricky riddles also be Brainteasers?

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Riddles are the best way to develop problem-solving skills and logical thing for people of all ages. There are different types of riddles and riddles come in different level of difficulty ranging from easy ones to hard level. Many youngsters make a mistake in getting the meaning of riddles tricky statement. They should begin solving riddles from a basic level and moves slowly to a harder level. Some hard riddles often recognized as brainteaser due to the repetition of the same word with a different meaning in a single sentence. In addition, brainteaser requires proper reasoning skills to get them solved.

  • Understand the concept   

The most important thing to be followed for solving a riddle is to understand the idea in it .one has to understand the game played with words of the riddle. Do not consider your conclusion accurate if you directly see the answer in a statement in one sight as they have hidden indirectly in the riddles.

  • Getting the riddle

Go through the riddle slowly and gradually. Repeat it for the time until you understand its meaning. You have to analyze why the writer has emphasized this particulars word in a riddle for several times. If it is a brainteaser, don’t take a typical reading as the conclusion will be the most common in that riddle just a little effort to recognize it will be required.

  • Do not put extra knowledge

You do not have to apply additional knowledge and assumptions to the riddle. The assumption followed here will be only of the writer. Just focus on analyzing the logic behind the riddle and get the conclusion as quickly as possible.

  • Logical Solution

An answer to riddle should have a reasonable and proper reason. Do not put your new knowledge for getting the riddle to be solved.