Evaluation and important things to know about Dominica Art

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Dominica Art represents the cultural and ethical values of the island city. Art is to strengthen and enhance personal growth and also increase social and physical development.  It also promotes the welfare of the Dominica community and is also an integral part of the lives of the people.  Art can be of many different types like explaining the history, food, music, dance, fashion, and many others. 

Let us know some more things about art which are as follows:-

1.  The earliest art was made for the Carib people, and the art was of clay pottery. AS clay pottery is used for many things and people used to paint the pots with colors and make art on them.

2.  Another kind of art was to do the basket weaving; it is also a kind of art form that makes the work much easier in homes.

3.  One type of art that was done on stones, woods, and bones is carving. It is a kind of art form in the native art that include craft and making drawing on large rocks and woods.

4.  In today’s time, the main forms of art are paintings and sculpture, that includes using color in making the scenes or mural paintings.

5.  Some artists use the art for making the paintings that depict the history of Dominica or any beautiful view.

6.  There was the art of nationalistic themes and scenes that represent the bright future of the island and the struggles it has seen in the past.

Moving further, people or artist’s make the paintings of the landscapes, and the scenes of everyday life as paintings and sculpture are the modern forms of art. Some people used bright colors, and some used dyes to paint and make the art on pots, rocks, and stones.